Solving Duluth’s Housing Shortage

The Housing & Redevelopment Authority of Duluth  is incentivizing the construction of around 45 new custom-designed homes over the course of 60 months. The homes will be built on existing vacant buildable lots in the Central and East Hillside area.

Creating housing

With Duluth’s projected growth in professional and technical jobs, our need for new housing will increase. Build Up Duluth is helping meet this need by bringing buyers and builders together to create new homes in key neighborhoods.

In Duluth’s core neighborhoods, most homes were built more than 60 years ago. Over the past 25 years, many were demolished after blight and deterioration and lowered surrounding homes’ values.

Build Up Duluth will create $14 million dollars worth of new construction in a relatively small geographic area. By seeding neighborhoods with well-constructed new homes, we can begin to increase home values. In turn, the program will make it more desirable for owners to remodel and update their older homes.